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Helping you transform your business with data.

How we can help your business

We support our clients wherever they are in their journey to becoming data-driven. From identifying the art of the possible to developing automated machine learning solutions and their ongoing support. Our approach to putting data to work starts with understanding your business priorities.

We identify where your growth opportunities exist and demonstrate how our data analytics consulting expertise can support you to realise these opportunities in a pragmatic and repeatable way.  Our analytics consulting team then collaborates with you to design and test solutions, using our analytics services and development expertise.

We believe in data, but we’re thinkers first and data scientists second.  As such we support your success by continually going beyond the analytics, to ensure our data analytics solutions sustain your competitive advantage in the long term.


Our approach to data analytics consulting enables our clients in using analytics services in different ways, to address a range of business challenges. As a data analytics company, we understand the importance of our approach in supporting our clients is always in its ability to transform and scale impact.

​While every client’s circumstances are different depending on their data journey, we have a tried and tested end-to-end approach for our analytics services and solution development. 


Our sprint-based approach to data analytics consulting creates the momentum that facilitates and speeds up the adoption of new ways of working. By identifying the opportunities; the data and the methodology, we quickly deliver solutions that can be put to work and continually assess their effectiveness, to ultimately become highly actionable and automated solutions.

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Our analytics consulting and data strategy services help our clients to succeed with data.


After a broad capability assessment, we guide and support our clients to identify opportunities for business growth, focusing on Data & Insights, Customer Strategy and Data Monetisation. We deliver a detailed transformation programme, aligned with your business goals and supported by our data analytics consulting expertise, to achieve your business priorities.


Our data science and analytics services leverage the latest frontier technologies to remove uncertainty from your business decisions and strategies to drive growth, creating opportunities that deliver competitive advantage.  Our data science experts analyse our clients’ data to provide increased insight into performance and behaviour, to enhance segmentations and to model and predict future trends from revenue sales, product demand and customer attrition. 


From infographics to automated PDFs and reporting tools, our data visualisation services form an integral part of our data analytics consulting services, by bringing to life the insights from our client data. Time-sensitive triggers and alerts ensure that the right information gets to the right person in a convenient format so that they can intuitively use it and create actionable change efficiently and at scale. We pride ourselves on automating decision-making to reduce time and cost labour and positively affect ROI.  Our analytics applications bring automation to the forefront of business strategy to make more informed decisions quickly.  


Enabling our clients to make the most out of their data, our data ops service allows you to quickly set up a dedicated data environment with the tools to host, manage and process data. Using a cloud-based service, we provide solutions in Data Warehousing, Data Dictionary, Data Management and CRM Operations to ensure data is stored, moved and understood by all parts of the business.


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How to Improve Customer Experience with Predictive Analytics

Digital Whitepaper

This paper will explore the use of data analytics tools and statistical modelling to forecast and anticipate customer behaviour in order to focus a business strategy more effectively and to tailor marketing and product offering for customers, to enhance their experience.

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