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Global Retail Group

Data & Insights Platform

This platform collects and integrates over 50 different data sources from every part of this business from manufacturing, logistics to digital marketing. Teams and their suppliers/partners are enabled to use the data via our data dictionary app (Data Mate) and a suite of self serve dashboards and reporting solutions.

Retail Data Portal

Global Travel Platform

Competitive Insights Solution

This self-serve insight solution captures historic and current passenger searches and bookings, helping agencies to shape the future direction of their business through competitive benchmarking, improved partnerships and enhanced customer understanding.  Delivered through our scaleable data platform it is serving over 800 agencies worldwide.

Travelport Competitive Insights

Payments cards profiling


Cleaning up many billions of rows of debit and credit card transactions we developed a ground breaking behavioural segmentation that profiled the many hundreds of millions of cards in Europe.  These provided lifestyle indicators, demographic flags and shopping behaviours all without a single piece of peronsally identifiable information. Delivered as automated insight reports to 100's of retail and consumer businesses across Europe.

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Mobile Handset Profiles and Locations

Automated Visitor Reports

These automated footfall reports are delivered weekly to some of the worlds mots high profile retailers.  Using the power of mobile handset profiles and location data they are replacing traditional footfall solutions. 

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