Approach to analytics

We support our clients using analytics in different ways to address a range of business challenges. Our approach is always to ensure in its ability to transform and scale impact.

We see our role of Data Scientists as primarily one of problem solvers and innovators on behalf of our clients.  Central to this is our belief in data and the possibilities it presents, but we’re thinkers first and data scientists second. Data is great, but it is the brilliant minds behind it that put it to work.


This means when you meet people from the team at Beyond Analysis you will find that everybody has a very different and sometimes unusual background or stepping off point of the career. 


They may have started out as a Neuro-Scientist, a mathematician for NASA or quite humbly as a generalist business grad from a regular university or college.  What they all have in common is deeply ingrained sense of curiosity and a passion for finding a solution to a problem.

Whilst the circumstances of every client is different we have a tried and tested end-to-end approach for our analytics solution development. 


This starts with the identification of opportunities, the data and the methodology to quickly delivering solutions that can be quickly put to work to assess their effectiveness to ultimately become highly actionable and automated solutions. 


This sprint based approach creates the momentum that facilitates and speeds up the adoption of new ways of working.

Beyond Analysis is a data science, analytics and strategic data solutions and consulting business.

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