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Capability Assessment

Quickly uncover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for your business to use data more effectively.

The aim of the assessment is to provide an impartial perspective on your current data driven business capabilities and gaps prior to embarking on developing your detailed data strategy.


With an interview-lead process we conduct fact finding sessions with key stakeholders & expert resource across the business.  The review allows us to establish the AS-IS capabilities for customer management with our findings bench-marked against best practice where needed.

Using a set of assessment questions developed over the past 15+ years we collect evidence and build an understanding of:

  • People - Does the organisation have the right mix of skills and knowledge to be able to deliver a customer-centric strategy?

  • Process - Is the customer represented in the key business processes, i.e. strategic business planning, category management, marketing and communications and how well is the business engaged around customers?

  • Technology - Does the business have the right data, systems and tools to deliver a customer-centric strategy?


This provides a clear picture of the gaps in current capabilities and tells you what is required in the short and longer term to help the business become a more customer-centric and data-led organisation.