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Capability Assessment

Quickly uncovering strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for businesses to use data more effectively.

Strategic Capability Assessment

Our independent capability assessment provides an impartial perspective on the current data-driven capabilities of our clients and identifies any gaps in their businesses, before embarking on a detailed data strategy


With a sound and thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses, we can provide an unbiased view on how best to develop their big data strategy, while evaluating and benchmarking against competition and best practice.  


We get to know our clients and thus our collaborative approach enables us to identify all of the most appropriate opportunities to deploy data-driven strategies across their key business functions in marketing, operations, supply chain to executive and HR.


We know data, but first and foremost we know people and business, which allows us to tailor our recommendations to ensure our clients are implementing data science and analytics in the most effective way possible. 

Our Approach

Our capability assessment follows a questionnaire or interview-led process through conducting fact finding sessions with our clients’ key internal stakeholders and experts from across the business.  The independent review allows us to assess and establish the ‘as-is’ capabilities of customer management within the business, with our findings bench-marked against best practice where needed.


We follow a three-phased approach to our capability process, using an established set of assessment questions developed over the past 15+ years to deep-dive in our clients’ business, processes and systems and create a thorough understanding of the macro and micro effects on the business.

Phase 1: Review of the current approach to customers in the business. 

To provide a clear picture of the gaps in current capabilities and inform what is required in the short and longer term to help the business become a more customer-centric and data-led organisation.

  • People - Does the organisation have the right mix of skills and knowledge to be able to deliver a customer-centric strategy?

  • Process - Is the customer represented in the key business processes, i.e. strategic business planning, category management, marketing and communications and how well is the business engaged around customers?

  • Technology - Does the business have the right data, systems and tools to deliver a customer-centric strategy?

Phase 2: Review of local market and competition.

To evaluate the market and compare and benchmark against best practice.

  • Through looking outside of the clients’ business and understanding environmental factors such as the local market and industry sector dynamics, we are able to formulate a more rounded view on the potential future business of the client and evaluate the client’s current value proposition against qualitative measures.

  • This is an important exercise in ensuring that the team considers the business and opportunities from both an external and internal perspective.  

Phase 3: Identify and prioritise opportunities.

To determine how best to deploy customer insight across the business. 

  • We acknowledge the plethora of implementations that could be achieved across business functions using data, however phase three of our capability assessment truly focuses on finding the areas that will create significant opportunities to leverage data within your business. 

  • Here we consider the size of the prize, any challenges to implementation from capital to skill or regulation, to the competitor and/or customer reaction to change. 

Assessment Criteria

Our capability assessment looks to investigate your organisations relationships with data across a number of areas including:


  • The availability and quality of data within the business;

  • The state of play in the development of analytics tools and solutions to create meaningful insights;

  • The level of confidence and trust in data;

  • The day to day use of data within the business for making decisions.


Our data strategy consultants have a wealth of experience in developing and delivering data-driven strategies to support our clients drive growth within their businesses.

Delivering Results

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