Enhancing market reputation using payments data to create consumer insights.

​“The CBA is (now) uniquely placed to provide 10 million business and personal customers with insights into the economy that will help them make better decisions on their financial future”  Ralph Norris – CEO Commonwealth Bank of Australia​

CBA were looking to position themselves as the leading market commentator on the economy. Working with their economists we developed a detailed macro economic view of the Australian market and consumer using their transactional data and market research.

Unmatched depth

10 million


1.3 million

confidential representative sample 


consumer surveys

Underpinned by CBAs transactional and market research data

What consumers do.....
  • Income View

    • Salaries

    • Government Payments

    • Dividends / Annuities


  • Expenditure View

    • 27 categories of consumer spend

    • Card/BPAY/Direct Entry transactions

    • Age / Geography / Gender drilldowns

  • Provides deep dive into differences different stratum of the nation

What consumers think.....
  • Consumer Perceptions

    • State of the overall economy

    • Personal financial position

    • Future income / savings perspectives

  • Marital/Employment/Family drilldowns

    • Provides deep dive into dimensions that are not available in the GDW data

"The PR gift that just keeps giving"

Over 100 media articles, reaching over nine million people.
Michael Blythe conducted over fifteen media interviews.
Coverage on all free to air TV news channels + Sky Business News.
Nearly 4,000 copies of Issue 2 were downloaded from commbank.com.au
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