Businesses that put their data to work outperform their competitors

We  help you navigate your way around your data and show you how to use it to grow your business.  We offer a series of standardised consulting solutions that we can deliver quickly and with maximum impact:

Capability Assessment

Set your business up to succeed with data. Understand the state of play of data and analytics in your business and how you stack up against best practice.

Customer Strategy & Experience

Define your customer strategy and experience based on data driven evidence for each customer group across their lifecycle with your brand

Data & Insights Strategy

Bring data to the forefront of your business. Build the business case and detailed plan of action and capabilities required to put your data to work.

Unlocking the value of human behaviour

Our award-winning team of data scientists find the patterns in your data to unlock the insights behind your consumers.

Descriptive Analytics


Understand the drivers of performance and behaviours across your business. Identify the critical points in your customer journey and how to optimise.

Segmentation & Modelling


Make your proposition and experience more targeted, relevant and profitable. Reduce the frequency of your communications whilst enhancing response rates.

Forecasting & Machine Learning


Gain an edge over the competition. Optimise spend, identify next best product and those most likely to respond to a deal. Focus retention spend on customers most likely to churn. 

Business to Business Insight and Data Commercialisation 

We help you identify new revenue potential from your data assets that drive your competitive advantage.  Our platform provides the scalability to boost collaboration and open up new business opportunities by distributing your data and insights to your suppliers and markets.


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