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The possibility for data to do good in the world is immense.  Be that; helping fix societies biggest challenge; enabling businesses become more resilient and successful; or enabling individuals to reach their potential.   The joy from understanding the cause of problems through discovering via data how the world goes round and creating new solutions to solve them is what gets most of us out of bed in the morning.

We also firmly believe there are so many moving parts in business today that you can hardly be expected to do a good job without all the information to hand and the tools to use it.  Without this how do you fulfil your own and your companies potential?


As such our day to day mission with our clients is to help them put their data to work.  To equip their teams with the customer knowledge and tools to make great decisions and deliver profitable customer outcomes so the business thrives.


We do this by combining Artificial Intelligence, hands on business experience with a deep appreciation of design and user experience to rapidly co-create and launch intelligent customer solutions that land quickly and are loved by the business.

We are a hands on bunch of experienced data professionals that have worked with some of the worlds leading brands. We have the battle scars and know what works and how to apply the right thinking and approach to your own unique situation to get the results.

Leadership Team

Giedrius Virbalas

Group Insights Director

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Catherine Graham

General Manager - Australasia

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Anthony Beresford

Commercial Director, Consumer Markets

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Paul Alexander

Group Chief Executive Officer

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William Beresford

Chief Data Officer

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Nicole Richardson

Commercial Director, Retail

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Brian Geary

Commercial Director, Finance

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Adam Davies

Chief Financial Officer

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Lauren O'Brien

Programme Director

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