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Data & Insights Strategy

Set the vision for data in the organisation and define a pragmatic programme of change to deliver value by putting your data to work

We design pragmatic, commercially driven, data strategies that define how current and new data resources and technology can be used to drive better business decision making and drive forward the strategic goals of the business.

Our data strategies are delivered using one of two two models depending on client requirement:

Waterfall data strategy approach


  1. Requirements Gathering - This begins as a natural extension to our Capability Assessment  by identifying current business objectives, challenges and the key data use cases for the business.

  2. Vision - The overall vision, objectives and success factors for the Data Strategy are defined through collaborative working sessions, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives and commercial goals.

  3. Strategic Plan - the business case doe data investment is defined and the areas of Quick Wins to the business, which will drive support and momentum for data and where value can be quickly generated, are agreed.

  4. Capability Build - the longer term requirements are defined and set out in a roadmap that aligns with the company objectives and the Quick Wins plane across the four key pillars of data strategy:


Organisational Alignment

  • Data Leadership​

  • Operating model and org design​

  • Talent planning and recruitment​

  • Communication strategy ​

  • Training and development plan​

Data and


  • Architecture design​

  • Data governance design and implementation​

  • Data management processes and tools ​

  • Data warehousing design and development​

  • Data management and enrichment​​


  • Requirements planning​

  • Toolset selection​

  • Analytics process development ​

  • SCV development​

  • Foundational analytics build​

  • Automation of analytics routines​

Measurement & Reporting

  • KPI framework development​

  • Executive Measurement and decisioning tool​

  • Frontline reporting and visualisations​

  • Training and development

Agile data strategy 

Our agile approach compresses this traditional data strategy into three weeks.  Whilst we aim to cover the same broad areas the effort is on mapping out a pragmatic plan and focusing on the value generation aspects of the quick wins. 


Agile data strategy approach