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Data & Strategy Consulting 

We support our clients on their journey to becoming data-driven in a variety of ways, from broad strategic direction that sets out the art of the possible to detailed transformation programs that design and build capability to support discrete technical issues.

Capability Assessment

Helping clients to succeed with data. Understanding the state of play of their data and analytics; how they stack up against best practice and what needs to be put in place to help them succeed.  

Data & Insights Strategy  

Building the vision and plan to bring data to the forefront of our clients business. Developing the business case and detailed plan of action and capabilities required to put data to work.


Defining and putting into plan the strategy and experience for each customer group across their journey with the brand. Implement the strategy through test and learn.

Data Monetisation

Identify business opportunities to generate new revenue from data. Scoping the market needs, prototyping the ideas for evaluation and developing the business case.  

Data Strategy Consulting Services

Our team of strategic data consultants come from a broad range of backgrounds, but all have the same common thread, bringing a combination of deep functional and industry expertise, with a broad comprehensive background and understanding of data and how to use it.  Our data strategy consultants understand the importance of strategic direction setting in developing business growth.  


We help our clients within the decision layer of their business, supporting them on their journey to becoming data-driven by putting into play the intelligent insights they have developed in the data and analytics layers.  We believe the overriding objective for the data strategy should be to enable a business to effectively put data to work by driving growth or optimising operations. 


From the functional task of managing the daily volumes of data generation, to the transformation of this data into meaningful and actionable insights and everything in between, we can help adjust your business strategy in line with what the data is saying.   Our data strategy consulting framework covers all types of business data: from operational data, customer data, web data to transaction data, we enable our clients to transform decision making and evolve their strategies across all aspects of the business.

Data Strategy consulting Solutions

Data Strategy Consulting Solutions

We see every business as having 3 distinct layers; a data layer, an analytics layer and a decisions layer.  These three layers represent three different capabilities in data operations, data science and commercial experience and as such also cut across three different stakeholder groups.  This adds a layer of complexity to successfully using data to create growth and because of this, our strategic data consultants work with our clients to identify the most appropriate strategic solutions in the most practical ways possible.  


We call this Putting Data to Work to support and enable our clients to successfully utilise their data to make better decisions and grow their core business it is imperative any data initiatives consider and cater for the day to day technical and organisational challenges business typically face in using data.

Capability Assessment

As the fundamental pillar of data strategy consulting, our capability assessment quickly identifies all of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for businesses to use their data more effectively. Using over 15 years of data expertise and carefully crafted assessment criteria and questions, our data strategy consultants uncover valuable insights for our clients to develop more data-driven strategies.  We implement the capability assessment for all our clients, wherever they are on their data-driven journey, as it helps us to identify opportunities for data implementation in both the data layer and analytics layer of the business, enabling the development of data operations, data science and analytics and data visualisation and reporting solutions, as well as strategic consulting

Customer Strategy

With a greater understanding of your data capabilities uncovered by our capability assessment, our strategic data consultants work with our clients to develop an integrated data and insights strategy, which focuses on accelerating growth via commercial quick works, rather than disrupting the overall business model.  We believe effective marginal gains bring overall greater strategic benefits to our clients and are a more effective use of resources when implementing a data and insights strategy.  Our data and insights strategy is an effective first step in strategic development and enhanced decision making for businesses looking to optimise within the decision layer.

Data And Insights Strategy

Customer Strategy

Most businesses have a plethora of customer data, yet do not use this effectively within their strategy.  Supported by our data strategy consultants, our clients develop a customer experience strategy that optimises their approach to engaging with customers.  Using a test and learn framework, we implement customer engagement strategies that focus on developing the customer journey specific to their segment and preferences, no matter where they are in their journey with the brand, enabling our clients to get more out of their customer through effective data exploitation and integration. 

Data Monetisation

By effectively integrating the data our clients have at their fingertips, we enable businesses to monetise their data.  Often referred to as data commercialisation, our strategic data consultants uncover many opportunities to create new revenue streams and reach new markets for our clients. By identifying and evaluating these opportunities, we identify the most effective strategy for optimisation and monetisation and collaborate with our clients from market testing through to building and operating highly scalable products, which put their data to work.


We see our clients' data strategy as a journey.  This journey typically starts with understanding their current capabilities and requirements with a capability assessment tailored towards Putting Data to Work.  This then moves onto the data exploitation and integration phases, by implementing a data and insights strategy, which puts in place the plan for the practical and functional implementation of data. 


With these strategic foundations in place, the most logical step is for our data strategy consultants to explore how our clients can maximise how they are using their data to further benefit the business and we help our clients with this through our customer strategy offering.  We can then help our clients with their data monetisation strategy. We are big believers that successful data commercialisation comes when a business is using their data so successfully themselves it will almost sell itself to others.


Once we have a better understanding of your business challenges, goals and priorities, we can identify and implement strategic solutions that suit a range of business problems: 


Delivering Results 

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