Data Mate

Data Mate is the central repository for everything you need to know about your data: what its is, where it is, how it is being used and how to get hold of it.

Data Mate enables your business to safely use data both internally and with your supplier and partner network.

Making data accessible to all the parts of your business is a crucial success factor to becoming a leading business in the digital age.  Data is a core enabler of innovation and growth and a business needs to be able to make it safely available on a physical as well as emotional level to encourage its use.

  • Improved data quality

  • Improved trust in data integrity

  • Improved documentation and control

  • Reduced data redundancy

  • Reuse of data

  • Consistency in data use

  • Easier data analysis

  • Improved decision making based on better data

  • Simpler programming

  • Enforcement of standards

What does Data Mate do?

Data Mate is an online data dictionary solution.  It is used by our clients to locate, define and standardize their data. 


Data Mate acts as repository of attributes and characteristics such as size of data, data type, data frequency, originating source and data owner. 


Data Mate signposts where data sets are currently being used, i.e. existing dashboards and facilitates contact with the data owner in the case of queries and need for access.

Data Mate promotes data integrity by supporting the adoption and use of consistent data elements and terminology, improving the reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness of data use.

Data Mate ultimately speeds up the innovation process by removing information barriers by securely sharing what data is available and allowing your business and agencies to quickly craft solutions and validate ideas.

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