Data Strategy

Data Monetisation

Data presents many opportunities to create new revenue streams and reach new markets. We help our clients to identify and evaluate these opportunities, market test through to building and operating highly scalable products.

Many firms have access to rich market data, but find it difficult to package this insight effectively to their suppliers and partners.  We do four key things for your B2B business:

  1. Create unique market insight solutions to offer your B2B partners

  2. Manage ultra-large, complex market data sets, too big and unstructured to be accessed by conventional means

  3. Deliver intuitive, responsive customer data tools, informed by the latest market data, with modern app-style interface and mobile alerts

  4. Manage secure solutions from the cloud, providing a continuously upgraded service, with scalable infrastructure and global reach

​Our Quick&Easy™ solution enables firms to deliver unique insights to their suppliers at scale; handling vast unstructured, continously changing data sets; processing these through our unique proprietary data structures powered by automation and machine learning; and delivering these at scale through our intuitive and responsive data visualisation tools.

Our proven methods and solutions can deliver your data and insight products out to market within three months at scale.


Generate more revenue, increase share-of-wallet and supplier loyalty

Empower your suppliers to compete more effectively

Hard to replicate … uses proprietary data to create  a “data moat” between you and your competitors

No additional burden placed on your in-house IT or analytics teams

Many B2B firms have access to rich market data, but find it difficult to package this insight effectively to their customers.

Challenges typically include; 

  • an inability to scale the data analytics across thousands of different customers simultaneously;

  • addressing a variety of different use cases and customer demands;

  • maintaining acceptable response times and

  • delivering at scale within an economic model that makes it affordable to buy for the end customers.

More often than not businesses have got as far as developing proof of concepts that demonstrate the need and the value of their data but need to charge unaffordable prices as the delivery remains hugely manual.  The Beyond Analysis platform enables B2B firms to deliver unique insights to their customers at scale.


We offer our clients a track record of rapid implementations where the client sees immediate benefit at launch.  With the solution running in the cloud it becomes highly scalable and secure, we can implement in 3 months with minimal impact on existing IT.

Our Platform

central data portal for business

Our cloud based platform puts all your data in one place unlocking the frontline’s ability to access real-time information to make faster and better business decisions, drive the customer experience forwards and ultimately improve business’ KPIs.