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Data Operations

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We provide a range of data operations solutions to securely host, manage and run data ops for our clients on premise or in cloud environments, to ensure that the foundations are in place to support a data-driven journey, in line with best practise and Data Governance.   


Ensure accessibility and clarity across data sets with clearly defined models, policies and rules and consistency in how data is stored and arranged. Maintenance and support of architectural processes including data pipelines, APIs, Cloud storage, data lakes etc.  

Data Warehousing

Support and manage the data warehouse process including databases, automation of extraction, transformation and load (ETL/ELT) into the storage environment/data lake, and data quality assurance and cleansing.

Data Dictionary​

Create a commonality in data definitions and a catalogue of data assets to enable the consistency and the reusability of data and code across all aspects of the business. 

Data Partnerships

Build and manage 3rd party data relationships to develop and enhance data richness and create additional growth opportunities, by providing additional data assets and insights to support and complement the client’s internal and customer data.

Data Operations Services

Our Data Operations solutions cover all aspects of data management from the initial data architecture, through to building data partnerships.  We work with a multitude of clients who have a variety of capabilities within the data layer of their business and we aim to support them all on their data journeys. 


Whether that be from encouraging increased ETL/ELT automation and supporting their evolution from disparate data silos and unconsolidated data definitions, to business with organised, consolidated, defined data, who want to make more out of their APIs to access and automate processes, we have the data ops solutions to accelerate data journeys and business growth.


Data Operations Solutions

We see our data operations solutions as the foundation of a data-driven business, from which strong analytical and strategic solutions can be built.  Where there is greater consistency in your initial data management processes, there is an opportunity to create more insightful analysis and achieve more from strategic opportunities across all aspects of the business and in essence more opportunity to Put Data to Work


Our offering is flexed specifically around our clients needs and may incorporate all their data operations, or a specific application or model, for example ensuring the secure, consistent, automated transfer of data from systems into a data lake environment.

Data Architecture

An effective data architecture will ensure consistency and understanding across the business in what, where, how and why data is stored and arranged, with clear definitions around models, policies and rules related to data governance. Using our cloud-based services and solutions, we are able to quickly set up our client’s own dedicated data environment and the tools to host, manage and process their data; be it updating models, creating targeting variables and triggers; and running data visualisation and reporting to enable insight development. Our cloud-based platform stores, arranges and integrates all your data in one place, unlocking the frontline’s ability to access real-time information to make faster and better business decisions, drive the customer experience forwards and ultimately improve business KPIs.

Data Warehousing

Our data warehousing capabilities and ETL/ELT processes ensure that our client’s data is effectively cleaned and quality assured prior to the analytics process. By enabling automation and consistent transfer of data, we enable our clients to analyse their data more quickly, to access insights to power business decisions.  Our data ops specialists are always on hand to ensure the effective distribution of data and build connections into our client’s data warehouses, which gives them the trust and reliability that their data is effective and ready to go when they need it. With the ever-growing volumes of data available to businesses (Big Data) reliable and automated data warehousing solutions are increasingly important to our clients. 

Data Dictionary

Inconsistencies and inefficiencies cost businesses time and money, and the importance of creating a common language and set of definitions around data across the business ensures that data can be used more effectively as an asset. Our data dictionary solution is the central repository for everything our clients need to know about their data.  With greater data commonality across all business functions, this data dictionary service is our data operations platform solution to creating reusable, standardised data.

Data Partnerships

Big Data is an undeniable asset to any business operating in the digital age and with the increasing volumes of data comes increasing opportunities to create powerful insights to implement strategically within a business.  As a trusted data analytics partner, we manage third party data relationships to develop and enhance data richness for our clients, giving them increased opportunity to develop more informed insights about their customers and their behaviours.  With increased insight comes additional opportunities for growth by providing additional data assets and insights to support and complement the client’s internal and customer data. E.g. Experian scores. 


Our Data Ops Approach

Managing Big Data is one of the biggest challenges our clients will face. Our DataOps (data operations) solutions bring together data automation and agile processes and methodology to coordinate the end-to-end process of collecting, sorting and preparing the data ready for use. We enable our clients to deliver high quality, trusted data at an extremely efficient cost using automation.  Done right, DataOps will act as the springboard for your data and digital transformation by reducing the time and cost of getting data out to the business.

Our Data Ops approach drives experimentation and innovation for our clients, with new data environments and cloud-based data operations solutions, which can be set up in highly effective, scalable and cost-effective data environments. We can reduce data investment using automation, provide better quality data and faster access to actionable intelligence and decision-making capability.  We are experienced in providing data ops solutions suited to the exact needs of our clients.


We have extensive experience in working with both our own platforms and across multiple platforms from providers such as the Google Cloud Platform, AWS and technologies like AWS Redshift or GCP Big Query. We work with our clients preferred solutions both advising on, setting up and running the data environment. 


Our data ops services support data preparation, data integration, data cleaning, data quality and data governance needs. This also includes automating the updating of your data insights, analytical segmentations and models, creating automated targeting variables and triggers and overseeing the smooth running of your reports and dashboards.

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