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Data Science & Analytics

We help clients understand their business better with meaningful insights from data, and use this to drive growth creating opportunities and deliver competitive advantage.



Our consultants and world class data engineers, scientists and analysts come from all walks of life from as far afield as NASA to our home grown experts.  All however share a common purpose and deeply ingrained sense of curiosity and a passion for finding a solution to a problem.


Our team is known for delivering innovative and impactful solutions around the world for some of the worlds greatest brands.

Our Approach

Approach to Analytics

We support our clients on their journey to become data-driven in a variety of ways from broad strategic direction setting out the art of the possible, detailed transformation programs to design and build capability to support on discrete technical issues.

Managing Churn

Our Machine Learning solutions will help you identify potential customer churn much earlier that you do today and give you the tools and insights to proactively manage the customer experience.

Online Conversion

We have partnered with the Quantum Metric platform to give our clients real-time visibility into how their digital business is performing, where exactly customers are struggling or engaging, and what efforts need to be prioritised based on economic impact.

Analysis services

The Data Science team at Beyond Analysis are experienced in building a wide range of analytics solutions.


Store Performance


Store analysis identifies performance differences across your branches, enabling you to apply learnings from top performers to underperforming branches.

  • Can I meaningfully group my branches into segments, so that I could correctly track their performance?

  • I need a report which can rank my branches by a number of KPIs.

  • Can I optimise my store opening hours to increase sales?

  • Transactional sales data

  • Branch information

  • Product information

  • OPTIONAL: customer identifiers

Customer Profiling


Customer profiling provides an in-depth overview of your customer base, including splits by age, gender, and purchasing behaviour.

  • Which age group contributes the most to my bottom line?

  • What do my younger customers buy and how can I engage them better?

  • Are females more valuable customers than males?

  • Where should I focus my above-the-line marketing efforts geographically?

  • Customer demographic information

  • OPTIONAL: transactional sales data

  • OPTIONAL: 3rd party data linkable to your customer database

Campaign Evaluation


Depending on campaign design, calculating uplift correctly can be a tricky business involving target/control group and temporal adjustments. We can help.

  • Which offer has been most effective and why?

  • Which customer segments were most responsive to my campaign?

  • Did my campaign contribute to the bottom line? What was the ROI?

  • Customer identifiers

  • Campaign response data

  • OPTIONAL: transactional sales data, if revenue uplift calculations are required

  • Desired campaign parameters (e.g. mailing volumes, dates, etc.)

Range Optimsation


Range optimisation supports your space planning decisions,  simplification of your categories and gives focus to products that sell well for the right customer.

  • I have too many products in Category X, it has become a nightmare to restock, which products should I discontinue?

  • I need to understand which products are complimentary and which are substitutes

  • I want to identify gaps in my product ranges to increase sales

  • Transactional data at SKU level

  • Transaction identifiers

  • Customer identifiers

  • Product identifiers and descriptions

Price Sensitivity


Price sensitivity analysis identifies price sensitive customers and helps define a pricing strategy to retain them.

  • Do I have a large base of price sensitive customers?

  • Do I have a good mix of prices within my categories to cater to both price sensitive and affluent customers?

  • Am I churning price sensitive and/or affluent customers?

  • Transactional data at SKU level

  • Transaction identifiers

  • Customer identifiers

  • Product identifiers and descriptions

Featured Case Study

Cleaning up many billions of debit and credit card transactions, we developed a ground-breaking segmentation to profile the many hundreds of millions of cards in Europe.  These provide lifestyle indicators, demographic flags and shopping behaviours derived using Machine Learning without no personally identifiable information. Delivered as automated insight reports to 100's of retail and consumer businesses across Europe.

Payments cards profiling 


Payments data insights

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