Data Science & Analytics

We help clients understand their business better with meaningful insights from data, and use this to drive growth creating opportunities and deliver competitive advantage.

Descriptive Analytics

Understand the drivers of performance and behaviours across your business. Identify the critical points in your customer journey and how to optimise. 



Model future sales and demand for your products and services.  Use this to  inform operations planning and  help de-risk future spend commitments such as media.



Gain an edge over the competition. Optimise spend, identify next best product and those most likely to respond to a deal. Focus retention spend on customers most likely to churn. 

Our consultants and world class data engineers, scientists and analysts come from all walks of life from as far afield as NASA to our home grown experts.  All however share a common purpose and deeply ingrained sense of curiosity and a passion for finding a solution to a problem.


Our team is known for delivering innovative and impactful solutions around the world for some of the worlds greatest brands.

Our Approach

Approach to analytics

We support our clients on their journey to become data-driven in a variety of ways from broad strategic direction setting out the art of the possible, detailed transformation programs to design and build capability to support on discrete technical issues.



Our Machine Learning solutions will help you identify potential customer churn much earlier that you do today and give you the tools and insights to proactively manage the customer experience.

Conversion rate optimisation

Deliver more sales by optimizing the customer journey throughout your omni-channel experience. Proactively respond and recover abandoned baskets.

Abstract Architecture

Bias in Machine Learning and AI 

Presenting new ethical challenges in business

Predictive modelling

Predictive or propensity modelling is a cornerstone of your customer strategy.


Whilst historical transaction and behavioural data will provide rich insights into the preference of your customers and underpin your proposition, this can only really be bought to life when the predictive capabilities of your data are harnessed. 


Leveraging Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence techniques we enable our clients to make better informed acquisition strategies, enhanced customer experiences that stay one step ahead of what their customer is looking for and alert them as early as possible to potential attrition.

Beyond Analysis predictive science capabilities remove the uncertainty from your business decision making

Featured Case Study

Cleaning up many billions of debit and credit card transactions, we developed a ground-breaking segmentation to profile the many hundreds of millions of cards in Europe.  Developed using Machine Learning without no personally identifiable information. Delivered as automated insight reports to 100's of retail and consumer businesses across Europe.

Payments cards profiling 


Data visualisation and infographic

Beyond Analysis is a data science, analytics and strategic data solutions and consulting business.

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