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Data Visualisation & Reporting

Predictive modelling

We design and produce automated data visualisations that bring data to life and get it to where it matters.  From infographics, automated PDFs, dashboards, reports, we ensure that the right information gets to the right person in a convenient and intuitive format to create scale impact.


Provide a playful, visual way to communicate volumes of information quickly. Ideal for landing complex customer profiles or summary business information to a wide audience with varying levels of comfort with data and numbers.

Automated PDF

A simple yet elegant solution to mitigate the challenge of requiring everybody to have access to a dashboard or the right technology, which can make the distribution of information very costly.


Technology to continuously monitor data for events and significant changes. Allows for key insights to be shared quickly across a business, eradicating the need to consult reports or access dashboards.


Built using a multitude of our client’s in house platforms.  A quick and cost-effective route to sharing information using our own open source data visualisation platform and dashboarding solution.

Data Visualisation Platform & Reporting Tools

Our clients have a wealth of accessible data from their data layers, however, the challenge is then creating meaningful insights to implement tactically within the business. Using a data visualisation dashboard and automated data visualisation tools enables our clients to react to events quickly and more effectively throughout all their business functions.


Data holds a wealth of information about your business, but communicating it successfully is often the missing part of a businesses’ data strategy. At Beyond Analysis we take your biggest assets, your people and your data and add our data science skills, experience and technology to turn it into value that you can use to transform your business.


Data Visualisation and Reporting Solutions

Despite the evidence on the importance of data visualisation tools, data visualisations are often an overlooked part of a successful data strategy.  As a data analytics and strategic consultancy company, we think the data speaks for itself on the importance of implementing data visualisation platforms



High quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles.  We take our clients huge volumes of data from their data layer, and break them up into bite-size chunks of information and meaningful insights that can be easily understood by anyone in the business, leading to a step change in performance and growth.  Our in-house team of designers and UX experts, understand how to create visual pleasing data stories, in simple infographics that can be used throughout organisations to share volumes of information quickly and insight change.

Automated PDF

Automated PDF

Our Automated PDFs are an automated data visualisation solution that provides the efficacy of dashboards and simplicity of infographics into an automated solution for ease of sharing and distribution.  This visualisation tool enables our clients to share insights effectively and at scale, which is incredibly beneficial to clients that would ordinarily be impacted by the challenges of different platforms and/or different technologies used throughout the business. This data visualisation solution can be implemented quickly without the effect on day-to-day business operations, which may occur with other technological implementation strategies.



Alerts provide an alternative to traditional reporting solutions, by pushing key insights out across the business, in the precise moment they need to know.  This automated data visualisation strategy makes for a reactive and proactive solution to eradicating the need for reports and freeing up colleagues time, while still ensuring they have all the knowledge and insights they need at their fingertips.  This real-time solution uses event based triggered alerts, which are fired as soon as any specific conditions are met and can be paired with regular subscription-based alerts to keep you on the pulse of key activity. 



Dashboards provide one version of the truth across standardised measures and targets shared across the business and enables our clients to stay on target with embedded root cause analysis, which is accessible for the whole business and enables you to dive straight into drivers of performance in seconds​.  Our data visualisation dashboards enable our clients’ teams to eliminate the challenges of user training and onboarding with user-orientated design and embedded help and collaboration functions and are one of the most effective ways to use visualisation tools to empower growth within a business.

Analytics Applications

Above and beyond these data visualisation platforms and reporting tools, our experienced Data Operations experts have worked with our Analytics Specialists to create a Cloud-Based Analytics Application solution, to embed automated decision making into your business.  We offer existing products tailored to your needs or alternatively can deploy our experience, capabilities, and parts library to create new ones.  Our IP/parts library contains analytics, technology building blocks and the platform to put your data to work. We assemble these parts quickly to bring your new solutions to life, reducing both cost and time to positive ROI.

cloud Based

Our team can work with you on your existing platforms and are experienced in most of the major solutions such as Tableau, Microsoft BI and Qlik, including our Open Source Cloud-Based platform.

Quick & Easy Insights unlock our clients data to create bespoke reports analytics tools for their in house business analysts, to support specific functions or activities. With hundreds of visualisation and mapping features and the ability to easily integrate with third party data sources, QEI sets our clients BI and Analytics free with a flexible support model that ensures it fits around our clients business and needs.  

We supports our clients AI and Machine Learning objectives, enabling them to access the most granular levels of data to achieve their goals, with plug in options to access our clients data, it enables our clients to develop new solutions and integrations across their data and systems to develop new levels of increased granular insight.


Our Data Visualisation and Reporting Approach

Across all of our data visualisation platforms and reporting tools, our approach is to be user-centric, led by user research and to be empowered by design.  This user-centric, design-approach ensures that the visualisations that we deliver both land and are loved by our clients. Design thinking is at the core of how we effectively action data into strategy development, powerful applications and ultimately organizational change.

The design-led methodology is used by designers to solve complex problems, and find solutions for clients. Rather than problem-focused, it is solution-focused and action-oriented towards creating a preferred future, drawing on logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user.

When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation the success rate for innovation dramatically improves, which is evidenced by well known design-led companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike, Procter & Gamble and Whirlpool, who have outperformed industry-benchmark growth by as much as two to one. 

As design has evolved beyond making objects into creating experiences, so has data analytics. Data analytics to have scale impact must go beyond simply generating analytics into empowering change in an organisation.  Data is a critical component to the process of design as well as getting organisations to change or do something different as a result of what they see.  As we develop our data visualisation and reporting solutions, we think like designers applying design principles to how we deploy our analytic applications and dashboards.


Once we have a better understanding of your business challenges, goals and priorities, we can identify and implement data visualisation solutions and reporting tools to help our clients to tackle a range of business problems:


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