Data Visualisation

We design and produce data visualisations that bring data to life and get it out to where it matters.  From infographics or automated pdfs, to dashboards and reports, or time sensitive triggers and alerts ensuring that the right information gets to the right person in a convenient format and a way they can intuitively use is a key emabler to creating scale impact from investments in data and analytics.


Infographics provide a visual way to communicate a great deal of information quickly.


customer insight infographics

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most elegant.  Automated pdfs are an effective way to distribute information at scale for users on different platforms and technology

Automated PDF

footfall reporting visualisation

Push key insights across your business the moment they need to know​.

triggered alerts from data insights
  • Event based triggered alerts make sure you are in the know as soon as any specific conditions are met.

  • Regular subscription-based alerts to keep your finger on the pulse of the key things you need to know.​

  • Eradicate reports and free your teams, while still making sure they know everything they need to.

Quick & Easy Alerts

Quick & Easy Alerts

Stay on target with embedded root cause analysis, accessible for the whole business​.

data insights dashboard
  • Enable teams with user orientated design, embedded help & collaboration functions, eliminating user training and onboarding.​

  • Dive straight into the drivers of performance in seconds with embedded root cause analysis.​

  • One version of the truth across standardised measures and targets, shared across the business.

Quick & Easy Dashboards

Quick & Easy Dashboards

Bespoke reports and analytics tools for your business analysts​.

data analysis reporting tool
  • Easily integrate with third party data sources.

Quick & Easy Insights

Quick & Easy Insights

  • Pay-as-you-use model with flexible hourly support fits around your business.

  • Hundreds of visualisation and mapping features set your BI and Analytics free.

  • Unlock your data to create bespoke reports to support specific functions or activities.​

Access your most granular data to support your AI and machine learning goals​.

  • Develop new solutions and integrations across your data and systems

  • Support your AI and Machine Learning objectives

  • Plug in Athena from AWS to access your data and its most granular level

Quick & Easy Labs

quick and easy labs

Our Platform

Our cloud based platform puts all your data in one place unlocking the frontline’s ability to access real-time information to make faster and better business decisions, drive the customer experience forwards and ultimately improve business’ KPIs.

centralised data platform and portal

Featured case study

Using the richness of mobile handset data and the flexibility and portability of beacon technology, traditional footfall reporting for retail locations has some serious competition.

Footfall reporting O2 & Beyond Analysis

Location Intelligence and Footfall Reporting