Improving operational efficiencies and increasing the ROI of marketing communications activities.

beyondanalysis’ strategic approach and data analytics has taken our direct marketing programs to new heights allowing our direct marketers to deliver smart, innovative, data driven communications to our customers. 


When it comes to customer insights, we would not trust anyone else but the team at beyondanalysis.”

Every month we identify specific customer types and speak to them efficiently; offering the kind of holidays they want, at the time they are most likely to purchase, through the best channel for them.

Our travel solutions include...

Identifying travellers types and their travel related preferences.
Propensity to Purchase Models

Modelling how likely a customer is to book a holiday.


Booking Gap Models

Identifying potential opportunities to cross/upsell.

Product Model

How likely a customer is to book a particular product.



Staying on top of performance with our dashboard and insight products.

Critical to our success is everyone getting behind the data quality.

Watch a ficticious version of the staff training videos we produce to help the teams on the frontline understand why data is so important and what they can do to help.

We have been working with Flight Centre since 2010, just some of the achievements in that time are listed below.


Generated more then $400 million (Aus) in top line growth.

Campaign Targeting

Over the last seven years, marketing campaigns have become 45% more effective on average per year.

Data Quality

Immediate improvements in the quality of data, supporting the increase in marketing ROI straight away.

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