Using transactional behaviour for digital transformation.

This football club client was struggling to develop a sound understanding of their customer base across the ticketing and hospitality bases.

The aim was to increase the relevance of marketing communications to:

  • Build better engagement with their customers;

  • Increase ticket sales and maximise occupancy rates for ticketing and hospitality;

  • Drive incremental revenues from new and existing customers.

Our solutions include...

Customer segmentation

  • RFV

  • Retention

  • Behavioural

Customer modelling

  • Churn modelling

  • Propensity modelling

Customer profiling

  • Behavioural summaries

  • Cross-shop analysis

  • CLV Model


230% increase in email revenue while sending 3.5m emails less
x5 ROI increase from Facebook spend in targeted campaigns
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

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