Data Visualisation


A TV production company were running a live show across several months looking at the lives of urban foxes within the community. Central to the format was viewers calling in with fox sightings and responding to surveys throughout each show. They asked us to design a dynamic dashboard and series of infographic that would feature as a core element of the production tracking responses by viewers to be used during the live show and on the website.

What we did

Our UI/UX team worked with the production team to understand the format of the show and the outcomes they were looking for. Collaborating with the Data Science team, synthetic response data was produced to mimic the data that would be produced and this was used to design and develop a dynamic dashboard and set of visualisations that could be embedded into the program.


Our solution became a core part of the production and was heavily featured throughout each show. The visualisations and infographics were widely used throughout various media, successfully raising the profile of the show.

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