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The Future Partnership

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An independent partnership of marketing agencies that bring together the power of creativity alongside rigorous strategy, technology and data lead insights.  


We don’t focus on what worked in the past or what might work now but what will work for our clients in the future. We are passionate, agile and work in very close partnership together and with our clients.


We work to one shared bottom line on each client so that our solutions are 100% focused on the best result. We support clients with in-housing and provide virtual extensions to their marketing teams where appropriate.


We pull together the teams to suit the client need rather than what suits the agency agenda or ambitions. Above all, we have integrated our specialist skills so that we can deliver results that truly transform brands for tomorrow’s challenges.

Telefonica O2

O2 telefonica logo

O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company with the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider  according to Ofcom


O2 have access to a vast data set allowing us to give accurate data. In the UK we use the event data generated by the O2 mobile network, which is currently circa 26 million connections. This represents around 30% of all mobile phone connections in the UK. 


Beyond Analysis is an award winning Big Data business that has a proven track record of helping businesses across the retail, travel & financial services sectors. 


Beyond Analysis has strategic business relationships with O2, Travelport & PWC that allow it access to industry leading data sources to provide actionable insights to it customer.


Beyond Analysis is the only business that has been approved by O2 to sell the new O2 presence / small cell devices. 

Beyond AML


Beyond AML support and advise your business in the remediation and optimisation of your end-to-end compliance risk processes.  


We combine our 20 years of experience in the development of Machine Learning solutions for the world's leading Financial Services brands, with the experience of the world leaders in the testing and analysis of automated sanction and PEP screening solutions.  


We deploy the latest in AI technology and synthetic data techniques to build insights into client & transaction activities and behaviours, optimising your AML compliance programs with digital automation.

Quantum Metric

Quantum metric logo

The QM platform gives business and technical teams a single version of truth that’s fast, quantified, and based on what matters most — the customer’s perspective.


With a simple deployment, Quantum gives organisations instant visibility into everything customers experience on web, native app, and kiosk.


The impact of every interaction is automatically quantified, every session can be visualized, and most importantly, all your teams can work from a single version of truth.

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