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Quick & Easy

Our cloud-based platform puts all your data in one place unlocking the frontline’s ability to access real-time information to make faster and better business decisions.

Ultra Robust Technology Platform

Designed for Speed

Designed for speed with AWS Redshift, PostgreSQL​.

Ultra scaleable AWS EC2

Ultra scaleable AWS EC2 cloud environment

PCD DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001

PCD DSS Level 1  and ISO 27001 certified with security controls adhering to ISO 27002 best practice guidance.

Integrated data handling

Integrated data handling and automation minimizes support needed from IT​

Implementation Approach

Visualisation Solutions

quick and easy alerts

Quick & Easy Alerts

Push key insights across your business the moment they need to know​.

  • Eradicate reports and free your teams, while still making sure they know everything they need to.

  • Event based triggered alerts make sure you are in the know as soon as any specific conditions are met.

  • Regular subscription-based alerts to keep your finger on the pulse of the key things you need to know.​

quick and easy dashboards

Quick & Easy Dashboards

Stay on target with embedded root cause analysis, accessible for the whole business​.

  • Dive straight into the drivers of performance in seconds with embedded root cause analysis.​

  • One version of the truth across standardised measures and targets, shared across the business.

  • Enable teams with user orientated design, embedded help & collaboration functions, eliminating user training and onboarding.​

quick and easy dashboards

Quick & Easy Insights

Bespoke reports and analytics tools for your business analysts​.

  • Unlock your data to create bespoke reports to support specific functions or activities.​

  • Hundreds of visualisation and mapping features set your BI and Analytics free.

  • Pay-as-you-use model with flexible hourly support fits around your business.

  • Easily integrate with third party data sources.

quick and easy labs

Quick & Easy Labs

Access your most granular data to support your AI and machine learning goals​.

  • Plug in Athena from AWS to access your data and its most granular level

  • Support your AI and Machine Learning objectives

  • Develop new solutions and integrations across your data and systems