Data Strategy

Putting data to work

We support our clients on their journey to become data-driven in a variety of ways from broad strategic direction setting out the art of the possible, detailed transformation programs to design and build capability to support on discrete technical issues.

Research tell us that 64% companies believe  big data is changing their traditional business boundaries,  58% expect to face increased competition from start-ups enabled by data and free from legacy systems.  The large majority of CEOs report that the data their organisation holds has become a core component of their market value and a critical necessity for the resilience of their business.​

However, this is not new concept.  As far back as World War 2, the typical data-based decisions we use today underpinned the post war recovery of Japan lead by William Edwards Deming.  He was simply following local wisdom, an approach embraced by Kaizen. “Ongoing improvement involving everybody, without spending much money.”  Masaaki Imai​

These concepts have never left us and are still very much in use today.  What has changed, is the volume and velocity of the data available to business.​  The research that data can deliver significant business gains, such as being 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than your competitors is unequivocal and there are plenty of well-known case studies to back this up; Walmart, UPS, Amazon, P&G to name but a few.​

However, using data is fraught with challenges.  Research states that 55% of Big Data projects don’t get completed.  Over the last 15 years of supporting our clients we have seen the same five challenges appear time and time again.




so much data they don’t know what to do or where to start

No wood for the trees

with so much information it has become too hard to collectively see what is happening and what the business should focus on

Data silo stalemate

traditional organisational structures have created silos of information ownership that are really hard to break down

Silver bullet idolatry

focus on substantial data projects rather than growth with continuous improvement across every facet of the business


short term thinking detracts from the truth that continuous data-driven improvement drives dramatically enhanced performance over time

At Beyond Analysis we support our clients to cut through the data mountain to create the ‘evidence’ needed to successfully embark on its ‘data’ journey.  Our solutions are designed for today and turn traditional ‘Big Data’ project timeframes on their head from years or months to weeks.  This means the business is quickly and easily enabled through shared company-wide evidence to drive growth through a process of experimentation and continuous improvement.

Approach to Data