Beyond Analysis develop highly actionable segmentation solutions that drive growth in sales, profitability, NPS and employee satisfaction.

A fundamental pillar of your data driven business

Simply recognising your customers is no longer enough.  Understanding their individual needs and preferences, shopping habits and behaviours and drivers for why they choose your product and service is key to delivering the entire customer experience, be it presenting the right product range in store to delivering tailored experiences and marketing strategies to grow their value.


At Beyond Analysis we support our clients to develop highly actionable segmentation solutions that drive growth in sales, profitability and customer and employee satisfaction.

Customer segmentation

Target your customer experience and proposition based on customer preferences and behaviours

Branch/store segmentation

Optimise your branch estate operations around your customer


Employee segmentation

Look after the needs of your employees based on their preferences and behaviours

Our approach

At Beyond Analysis we take a ‘data-first’ approach to developing segments to ensure our solutions are highly actionable across traditional and digital channels and are able to adjust dynamically to changing patterns of behaviour.

Our Data Scientists work closely with our clients and their research partners to leverage  advanced statistical modelling techniques and machine learning to create segmentation solutions that deliver meaningful profiles, highly actionable predictive values and future behaviours to power your omni-channel customer experience.


In order that your segmentation solutions can enable integrated and coordinated omni-channel business activities across marketing, operations and commercial, we take a multi-segmentation approach. 


We begin by defining and building a suite of strategically focused segments. These are the top-level, descriptive segments, which are considered to be enduring in quality and thus enable the business to plan in the medium to long term. They should inform the breadth of key decision areas for the business as a whole and across the different business units. Successful implementation will lead to a common language and measurement framework across the business that will describe the customer base and be integrated in strategic plans and key initiatives. Below this we build a range of lower level process and tactical activity-based segments that are used to drive specific process or activities.

segmentation approach.png