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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


Empowering Decisions: Transformative Business Intelligence & Intuitive Data Visualisation Solutions

At Beyond, we specialise in delivering superior Reporting and Data Visualisation services, designed to empower your decision-making and transform your raw data into actionable insights. Whether it’s creating intuitive self-serve reports, executive dashboards, or comprehensive data tools, we meticulously craft our services to meet your unique needs.

Customised Service Offerings


Our services range from project-based solutions to fully managed outsourced services. We have had the pleasure of offering our outsourced services to esteemed clients like DFS and NHSP, helping them harness the full potential of their data.

Tailored Reporting & Dashboards

We are experts in designing user-friendly, insightful reports and executive dashboards that bring your data to life, enabling stakeholders at every level to understand complex datasets at a glance. These bespoke solutions allow for swift, informed decisions, helping you to stay ahead of the curve.

Tool Agnostic Approach

While we are proficient in utilising leading tools like PowerBI and Tableau, our approach is tool agnostic. We focus on working with your current systems or choosing the right tool that aligns with your business needs, objectives, and existing systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Dynamic Data Visualisation

Our innovative data visualisation techniques translate intricate data into visually appealing, interactive, and understandable formats. We enable your team to explore data-driven narratives at a granular level, uncovering hidden patterns and trends that can drive your business forward.

Self-Serve Reporting Design

We pride ourselves on developing self-serve reporting that puts the power of data directly in your hands. Our designs are user-centric, ensuring ease of use and accessibility, allowing your team to generate insights on demand and respond to the ever-evolving business environment proactively.

Proactive & Continuous Support


Whether it’s a singular project or a long-term outsourced service, we are dedicated to providing ongoing support and insights to help you navigate the complexities of the data landscape. Our commitment is to ensure the sustainability and continual enhancement of your Business Intelligence capabilities.



Across all of our data visualisation platforms and reporting tools, our approach is to be user-centric, led by user research and to be empowered by design.  This user-centric, design-approach ensures that the visualisations that we deliver both land and are loved by our clients. Design thinking is at the core of how we effectively action data into strategy development, powerful applications and ultimately organizational change.

The design-led methodology is used by designers to solve complex problems, and find solutions for clients. Rather than problem-focused, it is solution-focused and action-oriented towards creating a preferred future, drawing on logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explore possibilities of what could be and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user.

When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation the success rate for innovation dramatically improves, which is evidenced by well known design-led companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike, Procter & Gamble and Whirlpool, who have outperformed industry-benchmark growth by as much as two to one. 

As design has evolved beyond making objects into creating experiences, so has data analytics. Data analytics to have scale impact must go beyond simply generating analytics into empowering change in an organisation.  Data is a critical component to the process of design as well as getting organisations to change or do something different as a result of what they see.  As we develop our data visualisation and reporting solutions, we think like designers applying design principles to how we deploy our analytic applications and dashboards.

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