Understanding the optimal settings and design for a new loyalty program.

beyondanalysis quickly recognised the nature of our business, catgeory and importantly our customer base.  Their approach and ultimate solution was pragmatic, effective and generated the returns we had hoped for." 

  1. The Loyalty Scenario Analysis Tool (LSAT) combined Supercheap Auto’s own transactional data with Beyond Analysis’ in-depth understanding of loyalty program dynamics to model loyalty program impacts under various settings.
  2. We used this to determine the optimal settings and projected outcomes for the loyalty program
  3. The model outputs formed the foundation of the business case for program launch.

Our approach

Loyalty program rolled out in New Zealand and Australia.
Model projections accurate to within +/- 5% of first full year actual results
Loyalty Club Members:
Transactions up 45%
Basket size up 31%
Incremental profit contribution
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