Essential Insights to drive travel agency performance.

"Travelport Competitive Insights delivers information on travellers searches and bookings. This valuable information based on industry data (MIDT) and actionable analytics is helping over 850 travel agents improve their business performance, negotiate better deals and tailor their offering."

Travel is becoming increasingly competitive.  Travelport want to help their agents gain competitive advantage.

For the first time Travelport CI integrates the worlds travel market data into a single point of access

150bn rows
Search Data from 70,000 Travel Agencies (c. 25% of market) 
1.6bn rows
Industry Booking Data via MIDT  (c. 50% of market)
Competitor Insights
  • Benchmark your business with your peer group

  • Spot growth opportunities.

  • Gain insights into new markets.

Traveller Insights
  • Understand travel trends.

  • Identify and take advantage of behavioural changes.

  • Explore regional variations to adapt your marketing.

Partner Insights
  • Better present your value to airlines with benchmarked evidence.

  • Strengthen your negotiations with the most up to date market performance insights.

  • Track the effectiveness of promotions

"TCI is really good. I had no idea how I was performing compared to the market till now."
Travel Agency Benefits
03 / ROI

Capitalise on new growth opportunities based on competitive comparisons.

Negotiate more effective contracts with suppliers.

Ensure you marketing budgets are spent on the right destinations at the right time.

Gain insights into and validate your customers needs and your market performance. 

"We were able to prove to Cathay Pacific that their numbers were wrong and that we are performing well with them" - Online Travel Agency
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