Developing a consumer segmentation from payment data.

"With beyondanalysis's experience to develop and prove commercially viable market and consumer insights... we are creating leading edge customer propositions."  Mariano Dima. SVP Marketing & Payment Solutions

We cleansed, processed and automated one of Europe's largest databases.

> 8bn
£1 in £2.40
proportion of Uk spend

Designing and creating the worlds first Spendographics and Sectorgraphics segmentations

To give retailers Europe's most complete view on consumer and market behaviour

  • Identify the most profitable groups of consumers to target
  • Enhance your positioning and targeting
  • Reach your customers more effectively and relevantly
  • Identify partner brands that resonate with your customers
  • Track your customer performance
  • Validate and enhance your location decisions
  • Know with certainty where your marketing is working
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