Delivering growth through optimised store investment planning.

beyondanalysis have delivered a first-class output quickly and efficiently.  This entirely met the brief and has given us real depth of insight into our store performance and will be used to determine the decision that we take around the stores.” Diana Hunter, Head of Retail Planning, Waitrose

Our approach



Waitrose had a plan to double the size of the business in 10 years.  They needed to know:


  • How to maximize sales per square foot for existing stores

  • How to decide which stores to invest in, which are a priority and have the most potential for growth

  • How to decide what services and offerings to put in new stores.

Our approach


  1. Segmented the estate into more meaningful clusters based on shopping behaviours.

  2. Analysed the baskets to understand branch performance all the way down to individual shelf level.

  3. Presented the data in our dashboards so the store development team could quickly and easily compare and contrast performance, identify what parts of the store were driving success and matching existing store profiles to new locations.

Hear first hand about the project from our client.

“This solutions gives us greater insights into store performance and opportunities for growth through the quick and easy provision of in depth insights and root cause analysis.”
“This gives us a clear picture of individual store opportunities and investment priorities which enable us to shape and estate investment strategy on a store by store basis.”
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