Using data insights to take action for your business in uncertain times 

As we move forward through these challenging and unprecedented times, many businesses are wondering where to focus their energy to reduce external influences and impacts on their business and understand where to invest their efforts for best results.

Using data to improve your pre and post investment decisions 

Quickly identifying potential underlying risks and opportunities for operational improvements during the due diligence and post transaction stages make the difference between a good and bad investment decision. Beyond Analysis offers a number of short sharp engagements to support investors.

Voyages Extraordinares. A data driven guide to the future of travel

The travel industry is experiencing disruption in the sector at unprecedented levels, yet most decisions are still based on anecdote and gut. The travel sector is unique in having a lot of ready pooled data from the booking data available from the GDS network which...

GDPR killed the marketing man. An Opportunity for the industry.

The introduction of GDPR on 25th May 2018 was a long overdue consequence of businesses viewing the customer as a number to be crunched, a postcode to be mailed to, rather than a human being with a unique experience of the world and the brands within it. 

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