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Beyond Analysis is a data science, analytics and strategic data solutions and consulting business. We are globally aligned, yet locally focused, in delivering advanced data solutions.​

Since 2007, we have helped our clients globally use data to drive efficiency gains and business improvements by enabling them to better understand their customers and business operations. Using the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning we model and forecast behaviour, that, via our proprietary visualisation tools, enables the sharing of insights for taking action and delivering competitive advantage.​

We operate our data-led strategy consulting services globally and deliver our data science, engineering and analytics through the highest quality data talent, borderless data services and best in class global thinking.​


Our award-winning team of data scientists find the patterns in your data using simple segmentation through to complex machine learning algorithms. We transform these patterns by automating your data into powerful analytic applications, that land in your business to deliver financial returns, improved customer experience and employee engagement.​

Leadership Team

Paul Alexander

Group Chief Executive Officer

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Adam Davies

Chief Financial Officer

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Catherine Graham

General Manager - Australasia

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William Beresford

Chief Data Officer

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Giedrius Virbalas

Group Insights Director

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Lauren O'Brien

Programme Director

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Anthony Beresford

Commercial Director, Consumer Markets

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Brian Geary

Commercial Director, Finance

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Nicole Richardson

Commercial Director, Retail

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Products or services that involve data almost always carry a level of sensitivity related to security and privacy. Trust is paramount between us and our clients to enable our work.   Trust can only be built on a foundation of integrity: integrity of actions, values and attitudes of every individual involved in the business and the business as a whole.  Beyond Analysis takes individual and collective integrity as a key part of its ethical stance as well as a key principle in how we conduct business.​


To be open is possible on multiple levels and terms. At Beyond Analysis we strive to be not only open to new ideas, opportunities or developments but also to scrutiny, internal problems or personal hurdles.  This means being brave.  Brave to reflect on our actions and brave to admit to, and accept both positive and negative feedback and act upon it. 



Great culture requires synergy, created when differences interact and complement each other. This can only happen when individuals feel at ease and completely safe in themselves. Thus, we embrace diversity and inclusion. Beyond Analysis does not discriminate employees, clients or suppliers in any way.​


We respect ourselves and show respect to each other as well as our environment.  We recognise the importance of taking care of ourselves as well as our colleagues.  We manage relationships with a mutual respect for the individual.​

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Beyond Analysis is a data science, analytics and strategic data solutions and consulting business.

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